Sochi - 29 April to 9 May 2005

Lenin in Sochi

Local fishermen as cormorants on the pier

Sochi boulevard

On the way to Krasnaya Polyana

The mountains near Krasnaya Polyana


Green Caucasus hills

Olga and Dendrarium blossoms

Flowers in Sochi's famous Dendrarium

Joris and Dendrarium flowers

Olga in a bamboo cage

Olga in the Dendrarium

Our first waterfall

Same waterfall - more daring location

Joris and a waterfall

Mist on Bolshoi Akhun

Misty road on Bolshoi Akhun

Stalin's dacha - closed for visitors

Matsesta Bathes - well kept Stalin classicism

Abstract gold

Abstract ice

Abstract landscape

Almost tropics

Before tea with Sochi jams

Crossing mountain stream

Flower world


Joris and waterfall

Joris in the Russian tea house

Looking at us

Olga in the woods

On the stairs

Walking from the beach