Wedding - 27 April 2005

The couple and the parents in front of the wedding palace

The couple and the moms

Couple and witnesses in the central hall

The bride and her witness

Ann, Brian and the bride

On university hill with the O'Connells, Nina and aunt Tonya

The couple on University Hill


The couple on University Hill

The Kremlin from the river side

The couple and the Kremlin

The busy embankment road

Photo session

The groom and the Kremlin

Bread and salt - an ancient Russian welcoming tradition

Maria inspects the tables

Nina and Tobias, the couple and Toby's bouquet

The schnitzelbank

The Swedish song

The Dutch song

The Couple and the Cake

The Cake and the Couple

Micheal, Elizabeth and Olga's mom

Collecting the bride from her home

Official portrait

Official portrait with the guests